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Christ is our foundation



Editor: On Thursday, January 7th, Ethiopians will celebrate Christmas. Christ is and will always be the foundation of our lives as Rases all over this Universe, and not only at Christmas time as most people, but all throughout the year and all ages to come. I and I do give great thanks and praises for the works and life of the Christ; he really did a great awe to the world and people in it.{{more}} Peace on earth and goodwill to mankind. This is one of the most fundamental messages towards humanity, and I truly think most of humanity have very much lost sight of their vision of his divine message of peace and concord towards humanity and have readily replaced it with their lusts for vanity and their great greed for powers which has only created much more unnecessary wars and disasters in the world today than ever before.

We as a people should stand firmly for the principles that Christ himself has set for us to follow. We cannot allow the world to deceive us with their lies and their illusions and continue to distract us from his true and divine purpose of love and overstanding of our father’s heavenly kingdom on earth, with their politics which only instills false pride and their false religions that only provide vain hope into the people that separate us and divide us as a people. We must now learn to be more conscious of ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically, to be able to make progress morally, purposefully and productively to be more completed as human beings holistically, and by so doing we will be much more conscious of our own environment and the universe on a whole.

We must, therefore, become our brothers and sisters keepers regardless of who they are, whichever race, class, or creed to help out with their own well beings. So let the hungry be fed, the naked be clothed, the sick nourished, the age be protected, and infants cared for, and by doing this, we will be able to create a more balanced and harmonizing humanity for us all, to be the best leader there is in the manner for peace and righteousness sake, and as long as we live and do this we can never lose in the spiritual battle of life, which goodwill always triumphs over evil. So let peace reign and love will surely abide for us. Holy Emmanuel I, King Rastafari. Blessed Love.

Ras Kebra – [email protected]