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Freedom Concert spoilt by dictator Mugabe image



EDITOR: I would like to thank Digicel, Hairoun and Ik TV, the sponsors, the performers and all who helped make the October 31 Freedom Concert such a great success. However, I want to express my disappointment at the screening of Zimbabwe’s Dictator Robert Mugabe as a Freedom Fighter.{{more}}

Mugabe has been President of Zimbabwe for 29 years now, nearly as long as St Vincent and the Grenadines has been independent, and it was not because Zimbabweans wanted him. The dictator has imposed himself on the people. Last year’s sham election was condemned – he “declared war” on the people, and over 200 innocent people were murdered by his thugs. He has completely destroyed the country’s economy and caused untold hardship and suffering on the people.

I sincerely hope the inclusion of Mugabe together with great black heroes like Nelson Mandela and the later Dr Martin Luther King Jr was an act of one ill-informed individual and not the generally held view of Vincentians.

Wilbert Mukori