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Vincentians, come out and vote ‘Yes’



Editor: In August 2003, I was given the honour by the Constitutional Review Commission of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to make arrangements for a visit to Trinidad and Tobago by a delegation from the Commission to consult with Vincentians resident in Trinidad and Tobago (as well as with other persons with Vincentian connections).{{more}}

The proposed visit was given fair publicity and a very successful and informative meeting with the Delegation was held at the Learning Resource Centre at the U.W. I. , St. Augustine. I am to say that when it left, the Delegation returned with a clear consensus as to the type of constitutional and administrative arrangements which Vincentians in Trinidad and Tobago thought were required to advance the fortunes of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

One outstanding feature of the consultative process has been the fact that the proposed new constitutional arrangements have resulted from “upward “ consultation – a process which, if carried out honestly, (as seems apparent), would be reflective of the wishes of the population. I myself had submitted a memorandum to the Commission which would not have been at variance, to any appreciable extent, with the views which had emerged from the consultation.

I am indeed happy to observe that the proposed new constitutional arrangements are generally reflective of the views expressed at the consultation here in Trinidad and Tobago.

I would say, therefore, without fear of contradiction that Vincentians in Trinidad and Tobago (and I suspect in the Diaspora) would call on the people of their beloved homeland to vote overwhelmingly “YES” in the forthcoming referendum.

Finally, heartiest congratulations are due to Mr. Parnel Campbell and his team of worthy Commissioners.

Errol. O. C. Cupid