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Seismic shift in Ministry of Education



Editor: The seismic shift that took place in the Ministry of Education had many in the teaching establishment shell shocked. However, as light shines through the rubbles and despair turns to hope, there are more questions than answers.{{more}}

How can anybody or any committee allow the two senior officials in the Ministry of Education to leave at the same time? This in itself seems to be saying many things.

1) The Cabinet doesn’t know what is going on in the Ministry of Education.

2) The Ministry of Education is not all that important a ministry, irrespective of the Education Revolution.

3) The Services Commission never had a role in the present scheme of things?

I guess the need for a Teachers’ Services Commission, but reading from previous script, I guess the Permanent Secretary and the former Chief Education Officer will be on such a board. So, why waste your time to vote yes!

Frank Lammie