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Building up the Youths



Editor: Thank you for the important role you continue to play in the lives of our young people. Many more of them continue to excel in their academics and other areas of human development. We believe for there to be holistic development of youth emphasis must be placed on the mental, physical, social and spiritual aspects of life.{{more}} Unfortunately, the latter seems to be the most neglected area for most students, and as a result, we all see the unfortunate manifestations.

Scriptural Search in concert with you can do our little part in correcting this. We are providing monthly incentives for students of secondary schools throughout the nation to read their Bibles; this in the form of the SSBQ (Secondary School Bible Quiz). They are asked to read three chapters; answer three questions and by using one of three methods (post, email or text) they can enter to win a lovely Bible and $100.00. The prize will be augmented during the anniversary month which comes up in November.

Additionally, we propose to give an award to the school with the highest amount of entries for the year (Dec. to Nov.) and students who enter five or more times during the year will get a special opportunity to win another prize.

More information on the quiz can be had by reading the Searchlight newspaper; on Scriptural Search on WEFM Tuesdays at 6:00p.m and by visiting our blog

Kindly let the students of your school know about this nation building initiative and encourage their regular
participation. We thank you.

Joel H. Jack
Scriptural Search Inc.