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Is Miller questioning security at Prisons?



Editor: Security of our country is a very serious issue and should be given very special attention by those persons who are in charge. When Prime Minister Gonsalves suggested that Mr. Keith Miller be Commissioner, I gave him my support. I’m wondering after all those cries about police brutality and misbehavior in public how persons feel about Mr. Miller’s leadership?{{more}} And it should be questioned. Some time ago, I read where members of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force carried out a search at the Her Majesty’s Prison and discovered certain things. Is it true that Eric Rodriquez, the Superintendent of Prisons, did not know about the search?

Is there any connection between Mr. Keith Miller and Mr. Eric Rodriquez? When I heard that Mr. Williams was transferred to the prison, I thought it was one of biggest security errors that was ever made. The Prime Minister needs to tell us why Mr. Williams was transfered! Is there any kind of communication between Rodriquez and Williams?

Is it true that prison officers are searched outside the prison? I’m wondering who suggested that, Mr. Miller or Prime Minister Gonsalves? I don’t think Mr. Rodriquez will be a part of that kind of behaviour! What about the working environment at the prison? Is it true that Mr. Rodriquez said that he was leaving but was asked to stay on? Is he being frustrated? There should be no doubt in Mr. Miller’s mind that Mr. Rodriquez can do his job. Mr. Miller, Rodriquez is highly trained and should be left to do his job. If you have any doubt, ask Sir Vincent. I’m hoping our Prime Minister deals with it before it gets worse. We can’t afford any security problems here. Make some enquiry about what’s happening. The best person to find out from is Mr. Rodriquez. Remember, he’s highly trained. Encourage your Commissioner of Police, Mr. Miller, to give the prison boss his support. Don’t ask me where I get information from, just check it out!

Kingsley DeFreitas