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SVG belongs to us and not just the politicians



Editor: There is much debate about the proposed new constitution. Sadly, though, many have approached it from a political point of view. If I support ULP, then I vote yes, and if on the other hand I support NDP, then I vote NO.{{more}}

It is quite true to say that a vast majority of Vincentians at home have not read the document, although it was available gratis in the newspapers. However, Vincentians abroad have shown more interest in knowing what is written in the proposed new constitution than we here in SVG. This is indeed a shame.

The constitution should not be seen as a political document and thus as Vincentians we should not look at it from a political point of view. Instead we must be mature enough to look at it from a nationalistic standpoint. We should read it for ourselves and determine for ourselves if it is good or bad. We must bear in mind that it will not be perfect and we would not agree with everything written in it, but we must determine in our minds having read it without being politically biased if the major changes or lack of it require a YES or NO vote.

After all, SVG belongs to us and not the politicians. When they have left their political offices we will be the ones who will have to live with whatever constitution that will be in place, either the present one or the proposed new one. Which ever way we vote, our children and we would have to live with it.

Let us not be politically divided because of the proposed new constitution. But instead let us be mature in our thinking and action and know what we want and not be guided by politicians who have agendas.

Kennard King