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Who would be removed from Cabinet?



EDITOR: I support the new Constitution for many reasons. One of them is the limit placed on the size of Cabinet, 12 in addition to the Prime Minister. This should make for a tighter, more disciplined government. It would also be cheaper despite the proposed increase in the number of members of the Parliament from 21 (elected Reps and Senators) to 27.{{more}}

Currently, there are 14 members of the Cabinet in addition to the Prime Minister. We have Ministers Straker, Browne, Miguel, Walters, Slater, Baptiste, Burgin, Sayers, Beache, Thompson, Daniel, Caesar and Francis, and the Attorney General who is a member of Cabinet but not a Minister.

Assuming that the new Constitution is approved in the referendum, which two Ministers would the Prime Minister remove from the Cabinet? I suspect that the PM thinks way ahead. Thus, it is likely that he has already made up his mind on this. Or would he watch their performance in the referendum? Interesting!

Egbert Cruickshank