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Why are members of the NDP confusing the public?



Editor: Vincentians are asking about our new constitution bill which was read and passed in parliament 3rd September, 2009. I listened to our Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Ralph Gonsalves who made a very good presentation, even putting his office of Prime Minister on the line, if it is required, for the referendum to pass.{{more}}

That’s how important the new constitution is to our Prime Minister. “Good try, Prime Minister!” What I read and learned about this new constitution is quite interesting, but the question is: “How much do Vincentians know about the contents?”

Some persons who try to explain this new constitution are making it more difficult to understand for persons like me who dropped out of school. Jomo said he is voting “Yes”, but he needs more time to understand it. Mr. Parnell Campbell Q.C says only persons with legal minds can speak on it. Senator Leacock said he is voting No, but his conscience seems to be telling him he should vote “Yes”. Imagine Mr. Arnhim Eustace who should have more principles than Senator Leacock saying vote “No”. It’s all about politics. Mr. Terrance Ollivierre kept quiet. That means he is saying it’s good.

Tell me, from what you are reading, aren’t these persons confusing? In case you are wondering if am voting, I will let you know that I am confused by what I’m hearing. But for what I’ve read so far, I am voting Yes.

Voting in the referendum for this new constitution is either “Yes” or “No”. Should we vote for minister of religions to have right to stand for parliamentary elections? What about removing some of the power from Prime Minister? Should The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) be our final court of appeal? Can our country’s economy sustain twenty-seven (27) members of parliament? Should Senators be given the same rights as elected parliamentarians? Why not an Executive President? Would this new constitution seek to better protect persons? You alone can determine that by voting “Yes” or “No”. Remember, it’s not about Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and his Unity Labour Party, it’s about putting SVG first. Constitutional power belongs to the people exercising their right to VOTE!

Kingsley DeFreitas