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Montrose Netball Centre no place for big shows, unbearable boom boxes



Editor: Concerned citizens of New Montrose would like to know why permission is given to persons or promoters to have shows at the Kingstown Netball Centre, which is not suitable for this purpose.{{more}}

It is three times that this has happened in recent times. On Friday night it was unbearable: the boom boxes, the loud noises and everything that goes with it. People are throwing plastic bottles, cups, and other things onto people’s property, sitting on their fencing walls, urinating all over the place. Vehicles cannot pass freely because of congestion; there is the littering of the street and the Tennis court nearby was in a deplorable state.

The venue is too small and unsuitable and it cannot accommodate the number of people who attend those shows. The noise level is affecting everyone in the area and something should be done about it. There are car parks in town. I am sure they can rent one of them for this purpose, and keep out of the residential areas.

Montrose resident