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Sports is serious business



Editor: With all the problems Sporting Associations are facing, we hear no speeches of inspiration, encouragement nor alternatives which would keep the interest of spectators, sponsors and develop athletes in other areas necessary; this because most executives are administrators and not trained sports administrators.{{more}}

Whenever you hear speeches from persons, be it from the top to the bottom, you hear them asking for assistance, complaining, making promises, rubbing salt into wounds of the sport, then some words of sincerity which never materialize. Another favourite line is: “Sports is an integral part of our lives”.

They refer to his or her performance as raw talent and as good as anyone in the world. They can’t even recognize raw talent from talent being harnessed and in a developing stage. It’s at this stage that scouts around the world make decisions to further athletes’ development. If the speakers had any knowledge of the sport, they would realize its development also benefits the country. They would seek the necessary assistance in getting players to further their development. They must remember sporting administrators and scouts overseas do hear their speeches and no credit is ever given to anyone, especially those responsible for the athletes’ preparation. This is the point we are at in SVG. We don’t recognize sports, its process, its developers, and what benefits sports brings to SVG.

To move from this point in time, those in authority must start a Sports Awareness Programme for all to sooner realize the importance of recognizing the benefits and value of sports.

It’s June 2009. Please don’t wait for someone from overseas to tell you what you already know. You also don’t have to hate, like or love me any more or less; just be appreciative of my writings. Start preparing your mind for additional responsibilities, which will be your contribution to a brighter future for sport development.

We can start looking for and replacing administrators with experienced Sport Administrators, also those trained to implement the development programs necessary for our future players.

An alternative suggestion, which I think can help anyone who wants to become an excellent player is that he or she should start with a fitness programme. For example, in a week, choose one practice evening for endurance work, running and stretching; another evening for weight training, strengthening your entire body and the specific areas for your sport. There must be a rest day during which you can study, another evening for your sports specifics and two evenings for group and teamwork. At the end of each week, evaluate your performances and make preparations to improve. Your coach should know how to advise you. I guarantee you will be able to concentrate and study for longer periods as your muscles will be in a constant state of contraction and readiness.

Sports administrators should have knowledge of the timing and the process of sport development, which is very important.

Mr. and Mrs. Influential, Respectable, Wealthy, White collar and those aspiring for authority all have their contribution to make, according to their professions, for there are various standing Committees which provide for all kinds of professionals to serve to assist in the development of sport. Sports needs these people. It’s time associations, sportsmen and women take time out to show some appreciation for their contribution over the years. Let’s not wait on the Sports Council. If you have this in your programme, there would be continuity and stability in sport. Don’t forget in your sport to use only players who are in peak physical condition, who can make the most of his or her technical ability.

Good Luck

Coach Rollit Walrond