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Let’s uphold dignity and self-respect



Editor: Have ladies lost their dignity and self-respect? Your answer is as good as mine. We cannot doubt that the way ladies are dressed in this our blessed country is indeed cause for concern.{{more}}

We are bombarded with advertisements that promote ladies dressing almost naked at public activities which deal with carnival and other functions. You can see ladies dressed in public on a daily basis going to work or even church in very short skirts, and sometimes in tops that expose part of their upper body.

I know you will say these are modern times. But maybe I am still old fashioned, but ladies need to take pride in themselves and adorn themselves in modest apparel. The emphasis should not be on sexual attraction but on the character of the individual. We do not need to be reminded that character cannot be bought with money, because it is priceless.

Wake up, ladies, and realize that you are valuable and have self worth. So to be going to boat rides and shows dressed almost naked just for money is degrading to you as a woman. Also to dress in very short skirts and in a sexually revealing way is also degrading to you as a woman. The sad thing is that your children will follow your lead. I wonder what kind of generation we are building. No wonder HIV/AIDS is on the increase.

I would like to offer compliments for the advertisement on the television coming from the family health unit where young people are saying to “Talk to us about sex”. “Tell us to wait.” That is indeed very commendable. Keep it up.

Let us return to morality. Let us uphold dignity and self respect. Ladies, it is not worth it to lose your dignity and self-respect. May God help us if we have to continue on this path.

Thank you.

Kennard King