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Opposition leader seems to be half the person he used to be



Editor: The leader of the New Democratic Party, Arnhim Eustace, has broadcast to the world that Vincentians are so poor that they now resort to buying half a pound of chicken back and neck, and half of a “sweet” soap.{{more}}

This comment has made him a laughing stock and has opened him to further ridicule by all Vincentians.

Mr. Eustace does not know poverty; he does not know about chicken back and neck. Generally, chicken back and neck comes in two pound packages. And no body cuts a “sweet” soap in two to sell to the public.

Really, Mr. Eustace has become an entertainer like his other leader Mr. Lynch, since the blind is leading the blind.

On the evidence before us so far, it is reasonable to concede that Mr. Eustace is at most half a leader, possessed of half an imagination, and is half the person he used to be as late as 2001. In every aspect, he is half a leader, or “ haffa leader,” as people will now say. What a disappointment!

Eardsley Johnson