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The NDP is the party of “NO”!



Editor: The Opposition New Democratic Party is a very negative party and is really out of touch with the people of St.Vincent and the Grenadines. They want nothing progressive and they oppose nation building. The NDP says “NO” to everything that is worthwhile and good for the people of this country.{{more}}

For example, the NDP has said “NO” to the following:

1. The Education Revolution
2. The International Airport
3. The Canouan Jet Airport
4. The Rabacca Bridge
5. The Arnos Vale Cricket Facility
6. The Buccament Resort Project
7. The Medical Complex at Georgetown
8. The Low Income Housing Project
9. The Energy Saving Bulb Project
10. The “Vision Now” Eye Project
11. The Petro Caribe Agreement
12. SVG’s membership in ALBA
13. The ULP’s progressive foreign policy
14. The Cross Country Road Project
15. The Constitutional Reform Project
16. The saving of LIAT
17. The extension of Kingstown to the new city at Arnos Vale after the construction of the International Airport at Argyle
18. The counter cyclical policy that the IMF, the USA and Europe have now agreed on;

And the list goes on. This is just a short list that the NDP says “NO, NO, NO” to. They are like their Like-minded friends in the Republican Party in the USA, which says “NO” to everything progressive, put forward by President Obama.

Derrick Providence