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The usefulness of meditation



Editor: Very often when you look at television and reference is made to religions such as Islam or Buddhism, the clippings usually show persons chanting or meditating. This is because these are common practices in those religions. The question is, should they also be common practices in Christianity? My answer to this is “Yes, they ought to be”. In most churches a service comprises of a sermon and some singing but how beneficial is this?{{more}}

Meditation targets the inner self and helps one to become more focused, tranquil and more responsive to insights. It is a form of mental prayer aimed at enhancing the lines of communication between body, mind and spirit. The spirit also enhances its communication with the eternal spirit which is God.

Chanting seeks to internalize whatever is being said. It is the inner self that has the greatest line of communication with God. Any thing you set out to achieve must first of all be implanted on your subconscious because it continues the process, even though you are preoccupied with other things. It can continue the process of praying, even though you are not consciously praying.

Prayer can be the beginning of a period of meditation, but quite often we do not continue for a period long enough to take us to that state. We now have to make a deliberate effort to get to that state.

Meditation requires some practice. Some persons use chanting, while others use soothing music to aid the process. A quiet place is most suited, as noise can lead to breaking of the process.

There are also medical benefits to meditation. It can help to reduce stress and blood pressure, as well as aid in the process of self healing.

My advice to everyone is to make an attempt at meditation and you will see the benefit. Remember, the acquisition of knowledge is nowhere near as important as how that knowledge is used. The benefit, therefore, is not in simply having the knowledge but in its practical application. A religion is useless if it brings no practical benefit.

Churches ought to be kept open during the course of the day so that they can be used as a place of prayer and meditation.

The Mystic