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Accusations of police brutality becoming way too frequent



Editor: The accusations of police brutality are becoming too frequent. When we read the papers, almost weekly we are reading of accusations of police brutality. Surely, something has to be wrong.{{more}}

We know there is a committee set up to investigate these complaints. We believe that they are being investigated. However, what is puzzling is the lack of information to the public on these complaints. Surely something is wrong?

It is important that it be investigated honestly and sincerely. One is left to wonder when will this end. Surely it must end for there to be a peaceful St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

Our blessed country is being eroded from a peaceful nation to one of fear. For the crimes are on the increase. Surely, police should be given the cooperation by citizens. Surely police must be allowed to do their jobs and I must add that there are many wonderful police officers who do their jobs, but the few who seem bent on brutality must be dealt with. It is not that the police force is a bad institution, but the few bad ones are trying to make the institution look bad.

Maybe these few bad officers not only need to be disciplined but need serious counseling. For they may be carrying with them revenge and hatred and so are acting out because of these childhood hang ups.

I trust that we will see a stop to this brutality.

We must not forget, however, that some of this accusation of brutality may not be brutality when correctly investigated. Nevertheless, it does not do well for the image of the police force. Therefore, this action must

be brought to an end. Let us live together, both police and civilian, in peace and harmony, and have a peaceful nation.

Kennard King