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Vincentians seem to be slipping spiritually



Editor: Before I write on my subject, let me first of all express thanks to the Government for fixing the potholes in some of the roads, including the Leeward road. It is indeed a relief to the vehicle owners.{{more}}

Editor, when we read of the many things written in our papers, we are left to wonder what has become of our blessed, Christian country. For example, the sad and vexing situation where nine men were arrested for having sex with a minor. Importantly, where were the parents? Did they have knowledge of what was going on? Something is wrong in this story. However, it shows the sinful condition of this nation and the hearts of men. Indeed we are slipping spiritually.

Also, to have heard and read about a Minister of Government calling for the discussion on decriminalizing gays, is so unfortunate. How can we accept as a Christian nation gays and their practice and make it legal? I agree that although it is illegal it is still widespread. But that does not mean that we ought to accept it.

If we make it legal, it would be a sad day for this country.

It is interesting as to how or what would be the response if the Honourable Minister finds out that one of his children is gay.

As Christians we need to reject strongly such ungodly behaviour and the looseness that is being practiced in this country. It is time to pray and evangelize much more than we are doing at the moment. For surely if we continue as we are, we would surely bring the judgment of God upon this nation. Therefore, let us return to God.

Kennard King