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Is there no planning?



Editor: St. Vincent has to be a very special place as I am convinced that it is only in St. Vincent that these things can happen.

Ruddy’s Electrical dug up the road in New Montrose a few months ago to lay down cables for Vinlec, then ‘fixed’ it.{{more}} Other parts of the road were in a horrible state with potholes the size of craters. We had to put up with the terrible condition of the road for months, but after complaining, in the end Government did come through and fixed the roads.

Guess what happened this week, less than two weeks after the road was fixed? – Ruddy’s Electrical came and dug it up again.

Is co-ordination no longer a word that exists? Don’t state agencies talk to each other? Is there no planning? Well, no one cares about the wastage, it seems, far less the motorists and our vehicles.

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