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Yes we can build the Argyle airport!



Editor: I have listened with interest to the argument being put forward by the Leader of the Opposition and some of his followers regarding the International Airport at Argyle, and moreso the need to purchase additional lands for the airport. I have also listened with interest to the reasons put forward by Dr. Rudy Matthias, and it boggles my mind as to what is so difficult to understand.{{more}}

Is it the intention of the Hon. Leader of the Opposition and his emissaries to have right-thinking people believe that experienced engineers sat down and mapped out a plan for an airport and forgot to include plans for a terminal building? What rubbish! I agree with Dr. Matthias that to facilitate future development of the airport and to get the kind of terminal building that would suit our needs we must get things right now.

Can you imagine what the price for land at Argyle would be 15 to 20 years down the road? No government in SVG would be able to afford the quantity they may need to buy. So if it means getting it right now and avoid the exorbitant cost for future expansion, I say go ahead. Dr. Matthias is correct when he says that we must never again find ourselves in the position of the E.T Joshua Airport where expansion is desired but cannot be done due to a lack of space.

Why if it is determined at this stage of the planning that more space is needed don’t we see it as visionary rather than as something clandestine? Thank God for those with the foresight who would prevent us from running into future problems after the current builders are long gone.

It is time for us to stop playing with the development of our country and bring an end to destructive politics which if allowed to continue will backfire on all of us. The development of our country is far too important for us to continue feeding the poverty of the mind which tells us “we can’t”. As a people we continue to think that if it hasn’t been done it cannot be done. I admonish our people to borrow a page from President Obama’s book and start saying “Yes, we can”.

Yes, the airport project is huge, the biggest we’ve ever seen in this country. Yes, it is expensive, but can we build it? Yes, we can. Should we build it? Yes, we should, and would it benefit us in the long run? You bet it would! Come on Vincentians, wake up and let’s move into the modern world together, with great hope for the future development of our country.

Marcia John