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We’ve had enough – that’s it – no more



Editor: I write in response to a short article published in the Searchlight newspaper dated, Thursday, April 9th, 2009. This article captioned ‘Miguel take fresh guard for Marriaqua’ caused me to experience some serious ‘trauma’, I never thought a simple article could.{{more}} You see, some other Pitani people and I, or let me rather say constituents, quiver with fear at the thought of surviving another five years ‘Unrepresented’ in Marriaqua.

By ‘Unrepresented’ I refer to the vindictive and spiteful culture allowed to foster/grow in our system of governance (right under her watch), the deterioration of our roads and infrastructure since we sincerely voted for change, the growing despair of our people, and not to mention the misconception that the call/’job’ to represent our people was some kind of game or past-time. Those are just a few concerns….

No one, however, will need a degree to figure out that the chief will try to use her decent reputation or good name as a means to secure another seat and therefore victory in the next general election. Ooop! Another scary thought there…

Anyway, Editor we will need the message to be received that I / we could use a break at the moment. We’ve had enough – that’s it – no more….! Oh, and thanks in advance for publishing this letter.

Carmen Edwards