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My baby is not my husband’s child



Editor: We met at the CARICOM 2005 Social Security Games in Trinidad and Tobago and so began a two and a half year relationship. We were both married, but I was extremely unhappy in my marriage. The affair was conducted mostly by distance since I was from another island.{{more}} I fell head over heels in love and became emotionally involved with this man, travelling weekends and making up excuses to fly all over the Caribbean to be with this guy. I felt like I had met my soul mate. Eventually we ended up in the same country and the relationship blossomed even more. I could tell him anything and felt comfortable to be who I am in his presence.

Last May, however, when I found out I was pregnant, my lover did a complete about turn on me and hit the road running. When I told him about the pregnancy, he said he didn’t want to have anything to do with it or to see me. In 11 months I have seen him only once briefly. I went through the pregnancy without his support, and when the baby was born two months ago I informed him but he hasn’t acknowledged the existence of the baby, and even though he speaks to me occasionally, he has never mentioned the baby.

I am almost positive he has moved on with another woman by now, although he remains married and living with his wife. I have not told my husband about the affair or that the baby is not his. I am, however, prepared to ask for a divorce.

I am really heartbroken and angry over this state of affairs. I feel like I was pulled in by this man at a time when I was emotionally vulnerable and taken advantage of, since it is obvious to me now that he never genuinely cared about me.