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SVG should laud these outstanding citizens



Editor: Over the last five years I have mentioned in the newspapers the names of individuals who have contributed to the nation-building of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Some of the names mentioned have been:

Mrs. Shirley Squire, Mrs. Edna Dougan, Mrs. Lucy Cato, Mrs. Beryl Stephens, Mrs. Phyllis Punnett and Mrs. Edith Toney, Mr. Orde Coombs, Mrs. Sheila Regis, Mrs. George Phillips, Mr. George Phillips, Mr. Crispin Gurley, Mr. Charles Hercules, Mrs. Gwennie Jack, Mrs. Irma Norris, Miss Marie Prince and Mr Egbert Samuel.{{more}}

I do that as an exercise in the promotion of inspiration, reflection and thanks.

The standard for National Heroes of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is set very high, and rightly so. So far, Joseph Chatoyer is the only national hero in the history of the country, and each year there is spirited discussion on the topic of national heroes. I choose to use this month as a period of reflection about others who have made a contribution to the country in some form or fashion. I would like to mention Sir Fred Phillips, Sylvester “Scobie” Taylor, Dr. Vivian Child and a couple of centenarians. Sir Fred Phillips acted as Administrator in St. Vincent for a short stint in 1965 and retired as the Governor of St. Kitts in 1969. I am told that Sylvester “Scobie” Taylor was one of the best footballers in his day, and did a great deal for the advancement of the sport nationally.

Dr. Vivian Usborne Child served as a medical doctor, artist, journalist, author and relentless advocate of seeking a safe way to walk from Villa Beach across to the Aquatic Club area. This still needs to be done. From time to time, mention is made of citizens who have celebrated their 100th birthday. On February 13, 2009, Mrs. Sarah Niles Clarke of the Niles family of St. Vincent was blessed with 100 years, and on March 15, 2009, Ms. Ruby Nanton did likewise. They were both born in St.Vincent and now reside in the United States of America. They strongly hold on to their roots, and St. Vincent is dear to their hearts.

Let us foster and nurture a culture of appreciation for those who have made a contribution and have made the nation proud. We thank them all and salute those who continue to do so without fanfare in different areas all over the country and the world. By their efforts they inspire others to make a positive contribution.


Cheryl Phills King