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NDP Constitutional Reform objection is total nonsense



Editor: In a recent issue of Searchlight, the Leader of the Opposition NDP, Mr. Arnhim Eustace, is quoted as saying on the issue of constitutional reform: “I am not going to just follow Ralph Gonsalves.” In this remark, Eustace words his leadership weakness in being afraid of Ralph. Rather than think “nationally”, Eustace thinks “party” and “self-interest.”{{more}}

They do not want to face Ralph at the polls again as Prime Minister. So they want a referendum before the elections which would bar a person from being Prime Minister if he has had two-terms or more already as Prime Minister.

Term limits are wrong for SVG, with its limited pool of leadership talent. Term limits are wrong, too, because they take away the people’s right to vote for the person whom they want to lead them. Further term limits are a problem in a parliamentary system, as distinct from a presidential one. All the experts agree on this.

I voted the NDP in 2001, abstained in 2005. I am voting “yes” in the referendum in November 2009 for a new Constitution. And on the respective performances of the NDP under Eustace and ULP under Ralph, I will give my vote to the ULP next elections, God willing.

Mark Roberts