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Bacchus finding jobs under ULP



Editor: The perennial and knee jerk critic of the Prime Minister and his ULP Administration, Junior Bacchus, has inadvertently credited the government with job creation.

According to Bacchus, in an article in one of last week’s newspapers, his small company called Instead Inc. “gained employment for over 150 persons”. Wow!{{more}}

That’s quite an achievement! He found the jobs; he did not create them.

So the job creation took place through the workings of the economy. Yet every Monday night, on NDP FM, Junior Bacchus and his side kick Mathew Thomas bemoan the alleged wrecking of the economy by Ralph. How does this square with Bacchus’ fantastic job finding?

The truth is that, as the Prime Minister has been repeating, the economy of SVG has grown over the last eight years, 2001 to 2008, at an average rate of four per cent, a number higher than the OECS and higher than the 2.6 per cent average economic growth rate under the last eight years of the NDP, 1993 to 2000.

Further, the NIS statistics up to the end of 2008 show that there were over 8,000 more active workers, employers, and owner/operators, than at the end of 2000.

Thanks, Junior Bacchus. At last you support the Comrade, if only inadvertently.

Josiah Saunders