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Practice at all times purposefully, correcting and developing yourself



Editor: The Under 20 Caribbean Zone Tournament ended here recently in SVG, with Jamaica unbeaten on seven (7) points to win the four-team competition.{{more}}

Many who looked at the games shared their opinion of which team played best. I am now taking this opportunity to share and encourage our coaches and players to sit together and analyze the teams which participated and arrive at methods that can bring our players up to standard of both the Players and the teams of the Under 20 they appreciated.

The Secondary Schools Tournament is expected to kick-off later this year. To those that don’t have a coach, I am suggesting that you begin preparing now with some small-sided-games to enhance your control, first touch, passing precise, mobility, cohesiveness and shooting. These specific areas need urgent attention. After realizing these, any tactical plan should be executed. You can start with 4 v 4; 5 v 5 and 7 v 7, as seven players are the least any team can play with, so you can base your team around your best seven players.

Practice at all times purposefully, correcting and developing yourself, and also understanding your team mates. You must come away after every practice getting something done right or do it better. Don’t wait for the ‘News’ of the Tournament that would be too late. Have a meeting next week now that you read this article and plan your training.

Every time your team decides to practice a small-sided-game, make sure who is in charge gives clear instructions of the game you are going to play and what you all hope to achieve and a specific time in which to do so.

Here is a popular one: “Most consecutive passes”. You all can start with four (4) passes and increase; also award two points for each successful four (4) passes and more.

Now, while players place emphasis on their passes, your coach or who is in charge should also be looking at both teams’ approach and positioning during attack and when defending. You can also expect ‘the coach’ will at some point in time stop the game to show you another way, to correct you and applaud you. This way, you will recognize the process each objective takes to be realized, and to perfect these small-sided-games allows you to have more touches of the ball and to concentrate. Think about it, then give it a try and tell me what’s your result. You must remind the coach of practice time, as this is another way to be prepared. If these things don’t happen to your team, refer the coach to me for assistance. Good luck for the future.

Coach Rollit Walrond