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Sir James should come back and repair damage



Editor: Whenever I think of the present leader of the NDP, I find it extremely difficult to forgive Sir James for the role he played in his selection. It is obvious that he erred on that occasion and the party is paying a great price for this mishap. Unfortunately, Arnhim does not have the leadership qualities to redeem the NDP.{{more}} He lacks pragmatism and the required flexibility to unite and also to inspire.

I am therefore calling on Sir James to repair the damage he has done by returning to the leadership of the party that he created. The majority of supporters of the NDP are anxiously waiting for you to come forward urgently Sir James. There will be a surge of support from all quarters of the country, and yes, we will all have hope in our hearts again even in these tough economic times.

Finally, I call on all past and present NDP parliamentarians to rally around Sir James. He has already made a call for all supporters to ‘come back home,” however he has to show us his motion like a good brown boy in the ring and hearken to our call before it is too late.