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The deficiencies of our Education system



Editor: It is difficult to see a bright future ahead for small countries like these, and the sad thing is, with all that is going on, it is the children that stand to lose the most. I believe that our Education system would not bring about the overall development of our people. In my opinion, an education system without sports and music being an integral part is simply shameful.{{more}} Those charged with the responsibility of planning for the future would only succeed in developing the brain, not the mind. I do believe that many do not know the difference. We need an overhaul of the way we teach children.

Each time I ask about Football in schools, I am usually told that the Football Association is putting a programme in place. Is that really their responsibility? We never depended on the Cricket or Netball Associations to put programmes in place in the schools. These things are the responsibility of the Ministries of Education and Sports. In the past there were many male teachers in the system, but today it is dominated almost entirely by females. There is hardly anyone to take the young boys onto the playing fields after school. Yet we still wonder why our young men are going astray.

I further suggest that if we cannot find music teachers to teach music, I recommend that we pay some members of the Police Service a stipend to teach music in schools.

Furthermore, numerous children have to wait until their parents collect them after work. It means that the period of time between 3 and 4 pm is usually wasted. There should be programs in place at each school. I suggest that classes end at 2.30, so that more comprehensive programs can be put in place.

I, therefore, should not expect us to reach anywhere in the Olympics or Football World Cup in the foreseeable future.

The Mystic