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Looking back at my letters makes me feel happy and proud



Editor: I’ve written dozens of letters to the Media (Newspapers, Radio and TV) during the past fifty years.

Looking back at my letters makes me feel happy and proud of myself.

I’m not in the least bothered by those people who call my pieces rubbish, but never read them.{{more}}

Those who didn’t read my letters were missing some real gems…

Here are some of them… :Oh No, Mr Speaker No!; ‘The Educational Forum run things’; Campbell’s Law and You is Gospel; Campbellmania coming to SVG (1975); Mitchell is the hardest act to follow; but please repeat Dr Kenneth John’s follow-up ‘Mitchell is a hard act to follow’. ‘The Police band murdered Handel’;The Queen’s Counsel (QC) is innocent but naive’; Remembering Glen Jackson’; ‘To dear Mary Neverson and family with love’; Not in my life time…but a black man becomes President of America in my life time; Vincy woman wins Oscar (Joyce Peters- McKenzie); Edgie Richards is top entrepeneur and Nation Builder of SVG.

I’ve written nice things about Dr Kenneth John, Patmos Richards, Dr Vivian Childs, Jeffrey King, Thornhill Sandy of Canouan and many other humble individuals who deserve recognition.

I think all my letters are worth repeating, but would be better for broadcasting.

In this, the thirtieth year of our Independence, I have some great stories to tell… So keep listening and keep reading and watching…God bless!

Avil Cupid