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Give Vincentians a wider choice of candidates



Editor: As I reflect on the nature of the political situation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, I see the urgent need for some decent experienced individuals to come forward and put themselves up as candidates for the next General Elections. We as Vincentians must get out of the thinking that only persons selected by the two major political parties must be looked at.{{more}}

I heard that the Leader of the NDP has indicated that he has already got some thirteen candidates in place and that the leader of the ULP indicated that he may be making several changes in the party’s line up for the next big occasion. Our people have grown accustomed to accepting some very poor candidates, simply because of party loyalty and feeling that the decision of the party leader is not to be challenged.

There are a number of people who are fed up of the politics of both parties, particularly the style of leadership exhibited by the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. An assessment of the Comrade so far is his penchant to tax our people to the hilt, victimise as many people within his reach, embarking on several unsustainable projects and cleverly undermining several of his Ministers. Mr. Eustace is not a politician, plain and simple. He is perceived as distant, arrogant and a very poor communicator. He appears to be content to remain as Leader of the Opposition and fails to embrace many loyal supporters who can assist the NDP at the next elections.

I feel that the time is right for concerned Vincentians to come forward as Independent Candidates and help to rescue our beautiful country. There is precedence for this action, as in 1954 the PPP of E.T. Joshua contested against 19 Independent Candidates. The Independent Candidates won five of the eight seats that were available then. George Charles, who led the Eight Army in the historic 1951 General Elections, won as an Independent Candidate in 1954.

I appeal to those who wish to come forward as Independent Candidates not to be afraid to do so. Let Vincentians be given a wider choice of people to run our nation. There are those who will say that we are accustomed to name brand party politics and that it will be an exercise in futility. However, if sufficient quality people come forward, a shock may very well be in store for the skeptics.

V. George