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What a quantum leap by Table Tennis Association!

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Editor: The SVG Table Tennis Association has amended its constitution and has made a quantum leap as it relates to its term in office for its executive members from one year to four years, just like the Football Federation and the National Olympic Committee.{{more}}

I must agree that one year is insufficient to make the programs and plans set out by any organisation a reality. But from one year to four years is sending a message, and a serious one, too, especially for a small association like Table Tennis which couldn’t produce a developmental plan for one year because they found it to be a mountainous task (it is my opinion that they are in for a long joy ride and fame).

These organisations are merely competition organisations which give the public a false impression as to what is really taking place within them.

They display photos and scores in the newspaper of whatever competitions they held and would never say how many persons or players participated, whether boy or girl.

The National Sports Council and the Ministry within the governmental system should add a new requirement for the New Year 2009 for sporting associations accessing funds.

They should ask each association to submit their developmental plans for the duration of their term in office, and a monitoring system should be put in place to see if these associations are going along the path as it relates to their submission.

Sankara Thomas