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Ill discipline in children worrying

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Editor: Ill discipline in children, mainly at schools, has caught the attention of many and has given cause for much debate. There are certainly many factors that can contribute to such behavior in children. However, I will highlight few of them.{{more}}

The most important being the lack of Christian values and morals in the home and society. Not many homes today uphold Christian values and moral uprightness. Not many homes treasure the Word of God as the number one book and the teachings of Christ as the best education and the way to live. So when this is missing in the home, how can we have disciplined children?

The standards of discipline and upholding Christian values are also missing in many educational institutions, including the schools. Gone are the days when in every school the Bible was read and taught with seriousness. Today, children are given the option in some institutions to listen to the word of God or not. When we leave the Word of God out of our lives, how can we expect the children to be disciplined?

Sunday has become for many a time of partying and pleasure, rather than for Sunday school and church. There is hardly any time these days for anything Christ like. Even the songs played on radio promote violence, drugs and sex. We hardly hear Christian songs being played on radio, television and in passenger vans and from the homes. We no longer pray for our children and with our children. The family altar is something of the past. Therefore, how can we expect the children to be disciplined?

We need as a nation to get back to the Bible. The Word of God must take priority in the home, community, schools and other educational institutions. Schools that have allowed the Word of God to be presented weekly have shown minimal ill discipline.

We need to put back God in our lives and in our home and so we will be able to control the ill discipline in our children. It is time to return to the days of the straps and firm methods of punishment. In doing so, we would save our young people from the prison house. Also, the parents need to play their part in discipline and guidance, along with love for their children. I pray this will be so. Thank you.

Kennard King