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Will ‘white’ America let Obama win?

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Editor: I agree with Renwick Rose that Barack Obama becoming the first black man to win the nomination of a major American political party in the race for President of the United States is a marvelous feature and an inspiration for black people everywhere.{{more}}

I can also assure Mr. Rose that most of the Vincentians that I speak to here are like myself staunch supporters of Barack Obama.

His message is quite clear, and he has demonstrated that he understands the challenges facing us in today’s world – far more than John McCain who clearly is the candidate of the last century – and a symbol of George Bush’s failed policies.

One would believe that with the Republicans having presided over the last eight years, which has brought us a rotten economy, unemployment at a record high, lower wages, high cost of Health care, and two wars with no end in sight, Obama, the Democratic candidate, will be an easy choice.

NOT SO FAST!! – He is black!

Over the 27 years that I have lived in the USA, I have noticed that we are still very far from Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of racial equality.

I have come to realize that all this talk about better race relations is just that – TALK!

The hypocrisy is blatant.

Out on the campaign trail, I was appalled at the number of white people who say openly that everything is going well for the Democrats, except that our standard bearer is black.

Yes, in 2008, there are still many folks who can’t bring themselves to install a black President and who do not make a great effort to hide that fact.

I tell my friends everyday to be forever optimistic, but deep inside, I am a troubled man – I don’t like what I hear.

The campaign is very intense, and clearly the USA and the entire world would be better off if Barack Obama becomes the next President, but I have experienced many elections in the United States.

I will continue to campaign on Obama’s behalf, and come November 4th, he has my vote, but no matter what we do, racist America will never let him win.

Kenneth G Wyllie (USA)