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The original Pit bull was bred in Britain for fighting



Editor: In order to properly understand something, one must understand not only its present but also its history. At present we are at a debate about what to do with the ferocious dogs that surround us, especially the American Pit Bull Terrier, known more simply as the Pit Bull.{{more}}

Though some authorities claim that the history of the Pit Bull is well documented, in reality it seems as if some experts are very confused about the origin of this infamous breed. According to some, it is likely that the so-called well-known history of the breed was actually borrowed from that of its cousin, the Bull Terrier.

Information retrieved from The Real Pit Bull database indicates that debate occurs when trying to establish something as simple as whether or not the Pit Bull is the original Bulldog or whether or not it is a 50/50 cross between Bulldog and terriers ( ).

What ever the specific history of the dog was, one thing is comfortably known about it and its ancestors, they originated in Britain and were used for bull baiting. This is a sport where a bull was tied to a post and was constantly attacked by one or more Bulldogs. This sport was banned after it was deemed to be cruel. With the end of this sport in Britain arose another to satisfy those that had a thirst for blood sports; the sport of dog fighting. Due to the tenacious nature of the Bulldog, it became the automatic dog of choice for this new sport. Based on research the Pit Bull of today is either a modern version of this dog or a new breed created by crossing these dogs with terriers.

Shamal Connell