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Make use of security firms




Incidents of rape and other crimes are very high for our small nation, and our police force appears to be significantly understaffed when it comes to handling crime.

If the government finds that it is too expensive to significantly increase the size of the police force permanently, then a possible suggestion is for the government to employ the use of private security firms to augment/assist the police force, if even temporarily.{{more}}

Once proper licensing is put in order, these security personnel should be allowed to carry weapons and make official arrests. There are those who might object to such attempts to beef up our security, but it seems as if we are reaching a point where we are lost for better alternatives.

The major drawback with the above mentioned suggestion is that misconduct may occur if these security personnel are not properly trained, thus creating another problem in itself. Regulations should then be put in place to ensure that only security firms and/or personnel that are licensed to such high levels of operations can be utilized to make arrests and carry arms.

A possible suggestion is to make them trained and licensed by the police at a cost if evidence of equivalent training cannot be provided. I am not an expert in security services. I only did basic research, so I do not know how much of this is already taking place in St. Vincent (licensing regulations etc, I stand to be corrected and more than welcome positive

criticisms or suggestions).

Shamal Connell