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We need a launching of the Mind Revolution




We had the launching of the Education Revolution, followed by the launching of the Wellness Revolution. What is now needed is the launching of a Mind Revolution. It is clear that we place little emphasis on the importance of a healthy mind. Such a mind thrives on the positive and blocks out the negative.{{more}}

Many persons believe that trying to understand the workings of the mind and the power within is dabbling with the occult. This is far from the truth, and in fact it is the complete opposite. A proper understanding of the mind will lead to the dismissal of the beliefs associated with the occult. Even in the Bible, there are clear indications of the potential of the mind. Peter learnt this and was able to walk on water.

As a nation, we are very weak mentally. As a people, we have to believe in ourselves, and this comes from utilizing the power of the mind which emanates from the Universal mind, which is God. The seeds of this power have already been sown in us. Therefore, it is up to us to determine whether or not we nourish them and allow them to grow.

In our schools we have to get our children to understand that the sky is their limit. However, if we as adults do not believe and are able to show it, how can we convince the children?

In the prisons, such training can be very useful to some inmates. I would go so far as to recommend hypnotizing of some inmates to get to the root of some problems. These are not things of the occult. Why do you think that you can sense when someone is looking at you even though you are not looking at them? It is because the focusing of the mind of that person on you results in energy being given off which your body senses. Your mind is very powerful and you must allow it to express this power.

One of the big setbacks to Christianity, as it is taught today, is that it does not encourage chanting and meditation. These are very powerful tools.

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