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John Smith, I totally disagree with you




Mr Smith, you are so right in taking the goodly Mr. Cox to task. I am glad you are challenging him, me and others to look for practical solutions to the issues we are facing as a people. I fully support you, and have suggested the same myself in various circles. {{more}} But I am opposed to your suggestion. I see it as myopic, and an example of small-mindedness. Ok, I must say this now. Please do not rattle off some teeth-gnashing reply; it would be so…well….childish (sorry).

Back to the issue at hand. Why is it that the only practical solution you can suggest is starting a political party? Not a grassroots organization, not a non profit think tank, not a coalition of the likeminded, but a political party. Is that the only solution to the challenges we face as a nation, start a political party, give it a name like the Peoples Attempt To Reclaim Dignity and Equality in Light of the Rampant and Gross Misconduct of our Leaders (PARDELRGM) and proceed to answer the problems of the day. I am afraid to say, Mr Smith, that your suggestion is…ah….ok, maybe you should have just shut up (again, sorry).

Kenyatta Lewis