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‘Que Pasa’ and his Lawyer – Is this a comedy show?


Editor: The convicted drug trafficker Antonio “Que Pasa” Gellizeau and his Lawyer, Ms. Kay Bacchus-Browne, were on comedy parade last week. The Lawyer was on a mission to drum up sympathy for a drug felon who thinks he is an untouchable. All it did was make the lawyer look like a fool.{{more}}

I have read the Lawyer’s letter to the Commissioner of Police, which was distributed to the media. It is stuffed with ‘non-sequiturs” and pathetic political glass. It was awful penmanship on an unworthy cause.

Why in Heaven’s name would “Que Pasa” and his lawyer call a “Press Conference” on this matter? Is this a case of a drug trafficker who thinks so much of himself, craving publicity and a publicity-seeking lawyer conjoined in assaulting the public’s


If I have to choose between the word of the Commissioner and his Police Officers, on the one hand, and the twin comedians, on the other, I know whom I would choose. So, too, would the vast majority of right-thinking Vincentians.

“Que Pasa” says that the Police beat him up badly, yet he has no physical injuries to show the enquiring news media. He is not believable on this; he is not believable on his other allegations.

I am satisfied that the entire country is behind PM Gonsalves in his quest to bring the drug traffickers and money-launderers to book. The public is aghast, too, that they could be brazen enough to organise an assassination plot against the Prime Minister. As a law-abiding citizen, I am prepared to give the Police the fullest berth in their legitimate efforts to “put under manners” the author(s) of this assassination plot. I have no sympathy for those who may cry foul in these circumstances. Of course, I am not suggesting that the lawyer’s client is criminally culpable in this regard.

Editor, this is the first letter to the media that I have ever written, but this “Que Pasa” – lawyer spectacle was more than I could reasonably stomach.

By the way, I have never supported Ralph Gonsalves politically, but his distasteful enemies are driving me into his corner. He looks better every passing day.

John Balcombe