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Are we contributing to rise in sexual crimes?



There is a rise in rape and sexual crimes in this nation, as mentioned in a local newspaper of June 6th.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we as a people ought to take some responsibility for contributing to rape and sexual crimes. This may seem strange, but think about it. When as parents you dress your girl child in shorts, tight skirts and tight and short tops, you are inviting the opposite sex to look, and this arouses the flesh. Even the adults are dressed in this appealing way, so as to attract the attention and arousal of the opposite sex.

We place emphasis on looking sexy. How can we control rape and other sex crimes when we are promoting smutty songs? How can we control the rise in sexual crimes when we encourage and attend fetes and parties where it is advertised that you can dress how you want, behave how you want, wind up on anybody, dress how you want and behave naughty? How can we control the rise in such aforementioned crimes, when we have neglected the church, Bible and prayer?

We have failed to uphold the principles of God’s Word and have become loosed in our lifestyle. The Lord Jesus Christ no longer appeals to us anymore. Christ is outside our lives.

Until we give to God what is really His, we will continue to experience a downward to sexual looseness and a higher rise to sexual crimes. May we then get down on our knees and ask Him to save us and this nation from such a judgment to come.

Kennard King