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To Be or not to Be!



Editor: Many individuals, regardless of political persuasion, have of late looked at the issue of an international airport at Argyle. I, therefore, would like to highlight several general points and concerns that have been raised.{{more}}

1. Tourism will improve, as there would be a greater air access to S.V.G. The hassle of going to regional international airports will be eliminated and hence shorten the time it takes to reach S.V.G.

2. There will be a greater opportunity for Agriculture, as produce and by-products can be shipped by air.

3. More job opportunity for our citizens of S.V.G will be opened directly and indirectly.

4. The wind factor will be a major problem at the airport influencing its design and international ranking.

5. Is the airport going to be funded through grants, loans (soft or international rates), self-help, or a combination of these?

6. Is this project economically viable? Can we as a people finance the construction, maintenance, and loan repayment of this project?

Given everything, I hope that it is not too late for us to sit and look at the pros and coms of this massive undertaking and make informed decisions as to where we go from here.