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Senator Leacock should apologise



Editor: I read, with much disgust, a letter in the Searchlight Newspaper (last Thursday) concerning the rowdy conduct of Senator St. Clair Leacock in Redemption Sharpes recently.{{more}}

I, and many others, strongly criticised similar actions of a government Minister with regard to his dealings with a police officer. Many of us, including Senator Leacock, called for that Minister’s resignation at the time.

If the Searchlight letter reflects what transpired between Senator Leacock and the police officers, it is very frightening. Senator Leacock, who often refers to himself as “Major” Leacock, ought to understand the role of the Police in our society. His behaviour was arrogant, puerile and downright stupid. Heaven help Vincentians if the likes of St Clair gains more power than being a loser and appointed Senator.

There must be respect for law and order in SVG. “Major” Leacock’s public show of disrespect for the Police Officers in Sharpes (according to the letter to Searchlight) sends a poor message to the youths (and adults) of SVG. The unelected Senator should immediately issue a public apology to the Police and the people of SVG.

T. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.

Manitoba, Canada