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An open response to Kenneth John



EDITOR: Kindly allow me to respond to Dr Kenneth John’s article in the news media two weeks ago. Dr John, in his article, stated that he was in sympathy with Junior Bacchus for being removed from the Cross Country Radio programme. He stated his reason to be Junior’s interview with Margaret Parsons, who claims to be a human rights lawyer.{{more}}

But as usual, Kenneth refused to give the full facts on the issue. Kenneth deliberately did not state in his writings that Ms Parsons in her affidavit said that she reported to Lawyer David Commissiong of Barbados that she was molested by the PM but Lawyer Commissiong in writing denied any such communication with Ms Parsons. Further, Ms Parsons said she also reported the allegation to Mr Cilkiah Thomas, a well-known community activist in Canada. He also denied that Ms Parsons had spoken to him. Coming right on our home shores, Kenneth’s colleague in the law, Samuel Commissiong, was also mentioned as having been informed by Ms Parsons, but he, too, has not supported the claim. Don’t you think, Kenneth, that you should have included those facts in your article so that your readers would have got a more balanced view to assist them to arrive at a more informed decision?

It is ironic that Ms Parsons would say in her interview that when the policewoman came forward with her accusation she (Parsons) got the courage to come forward. Ms Parsons, on the other hand, said in her statement that she understands that another person was about to make a similar claim. So who is right, Ms Parsons or the Officer? Something is stink about this matter.

In conclusion, Kenneth, do you believe that if Ms Parsons is a human rights lawyer that she would have waited 5 years to pursue such a serious breach on her person? If Ms Parsons is unable to pursue a human rights matter that involves her personally, how would she be able to pursue similar matters on behalf of others in a timely manner?

Any fool would see the cracks and lies in this whole affair. You rated yourself on Jomo’s show to be a good writer way back from your Grammar School days and continuing to Manchester University. The truth about it, Kenneth, is that even though you may have one of the finest writing styles in the world, if you are not honest in what you say, your writings will have very little value.

John Gumbs
[email protected]