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Digicel, revisit Vroom Vroom



Editor: On Friday, May 2nd, 2008 Digicel “Win a Vroom Vroom” draw was held at the St.Vincent Chamber of Commerce Car Park with loads of fanfare, but was it worth it?{{more}}

The mechanics of campaign was “Text CAR to 5566 and Win!”. The press advert in the Searchlight newspaper read “Win the car of your dreams with Digicel…. Simply text the word CAR to 5566 and get a chance to win your Vroom Vroom. Remember the more you text the more chances you have to WIN. Disclaimer read – all text messages cost $1.50. Digicel terms and conditions apply.

Ms. Rachel Williams won from a batch of ten finalists who were selected to compete for the 2008 model vehicle, valued more than $123,000.

The finalists selected were the persons who texted the most over the six week long competition.

Can someone from the Digicel marketing department (local or regional offices) please explain to its valued customers the mechanics of the campaign? How can you select only the persons who texted the most to enter the draw? Did your advertising messages state that, or will you say your disclaimer statement covered you?

Digicel your adverts were very misleading. I’m rather shocked that such a very large company with wings spread over the region would make such a basic mistake.

Luckily I did not text, as I found the campaign lacking in value or benefits. Why should I text the word CAR to a number, when it offers me no value or benefits when I communicate with my friends and family?

Please note, marketing is about building brands, nurturing innovation, developing relationships, creating good customer service and communicating benefits.

We are very intelligent people, don’t run such a promo again. Next time ADVERTISE THIS – text THE word “ETHICAL” TO 5566, I’M SURE I’LL BE A WINNER.

Loyal Digicel Customer