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Successes from the Education Revolution



Editor: There is absolutely no doubt that the children and young persons who have been or are being educated since the onset of the Education Revolution have been enjoying considerable success personally.{{more}}

The results at the Common Entrance, CXC, and “A” Levels have been improving rapidly. So, too, have been the results at the Teachers’ College, the Technical College and the Multi-Purpose Centres.

At Universities around the world our students have been excelling. At the University of the West Indies, many more of our students have been graduating with First Class Honours. Our students at U.W.I. have been increasingly chosen as Valedictorians; they have also been more active in leadership positions in the various student governments.

Luke Browne was recently awarded the prestigious Rhodes scholarship to study at Oxford University, a first for a Vincentian.

And now, late last week, it was announced that Isis Gonsalves, not yet 18 years of age, was awarded the UWI Open Scholarship for 2008. She placed first among the students who sat the UWI Scholarship Exam in late February 2008, from the Non-Campus countries. Isis is the daughter of Prime Minister Gonsalves and Mrs Gonsalves. They cannot keep down the Comrade and his children!

Long Live the Education Revolution!

Sincerely yours,
Monica Small