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Gangster for Christ?



Editor: When one hears the word “GANGSTER”, it brings to mind something negative. Many of our societies are plagued with violence that is associated with gangs. It seems like we have a gangster mentality.{{more}}

It is a shame that our young people have fallen in love with Movado songs and other songs that promote violence. I strongly recommend a complete ban on these songs, including especially Movado songs. Some system should be put in place to monitor the music that is played on the radio to ensure that these songs are not played. If any station plays this music then some penalty is placed on that station. Even a ban should be placed on the sale of Movado music and other such artistes who promote violence and sexual activity.

I know it is a hard task to get what I recommend done, but efforts can be made to monitor this music in the vehicles, on radio stations, where they are sold and in business places. This music should have no place in our culture.

The sad thing, though, is that at our last Gospel Fest, we heard the slang, “Gangster for Christ.” What a shame! We have taken the world into the Church. I would like those who used that slang to explain to the public how can they be a gangster for Christ. We have made a mockery of Christianity. We have built into our young people the idea of gangs. It is okay to be a gangster. One would think that as Christians we would instill our young people with the dangers of the gangs, and not encourage it. I am at a loss as to how someone can be a gangster for Christ.

I sincerely hope that someone will explain this slang to me. We as Christians ought not to be violent for Christ. I sincerely hope that as Christians we would never be a gangster for anyone. Christ taught peace not war. Let us wake up.

Thank you.

Kennard King