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Fed up with NDP attacking the PM



Editor: This country needs some kind of help. Why do I say so? I think the politicians need to know that they are responsible for the problems we are having.

They should provide the basic needs for everybody in SVG.{{more}} Since the 2001 election, our country has been divided. Who should we blame? The leaders of both political parties. They made all kinds of statements in the past like who stone church, who issued bounce cheque and who stole chicken.

I am still waiting on the McCabe version from Sir Vincent. When the allegation surfaced about our Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves, I took it with a grain of salt. I had my concerns, and I also asked myself all kinds of questions.

When DPP Colin Williams used the Constitution to do what he did, I supported him because evidence concerning the allegations against PM Dr. Gonsalves was poor. I am fed up. Every time I listen to Nice Radio on its New Times programme, I am hearing about this allegation about our Prime Minister. It is getting us nowhere. Someone asked me if this allegation had been pointed in the direction of the Leader of the Opposition Mr. Eustace, what would have been our Prime Minister’s attitude towards the Leader of the Opposition? Let me remind you of what took place with PR Campbell, QC, and Carlyle Dougan, QC. The Prime Minister left no stone unturned! We saw the political animal in Dr. Gonsalves come out.

Mr. Eustace is asking for Prime Minister Gonsalves to step aside, but that’s not what I am hearing from persons like Senator Cummings, Frank DaSilva, Matthew Thomas, Junior Bacchus, Mr. Candy Edwards and the Ralph haters. If the accuser and her lawyers had produced any kind of evidence, I might have said step aside, but until they present the evidence, our Prime Minister should continue to serve this country as CEO. It’s unfair that some persons find pleasure in destroying our country and its leader.

I will like to see changes in their attitude towards our country and the office of the Prime Minister. This Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, is the one who is responsible for persons asking questions and voicing their opinions. He demonstrated that in the past.

Does our PM think we should continue to ask questions? If you want the answer to this question, listen to Star FM 98.3. If one doesn’t sing from their song sheet, you are abused by the host. Most of the persons who call this radio station are limited; they only see ULP. Management of this radio station promised us programming with a difference. I am wondering what they meant. Ask Senator Francis why members of the ULP do not like answering questions. What are they afraid of? To me, Minister Browne and Slater are good examples of failures. Tourism is doing well. Thank God for the former Minister of Tourism Rene’ Baptiste. Besides the Prime Minister, she is the only star that is shining through for us and she should be encouraged. I have one concern about her. Persons in her constituency are saying that they’re not seeing her. Minister Baptiste, don’t make this be your downfall, don’t give them any chance of changing you as a candidate for the next election because Culture will miss you. I heard that Minister Baptiste sang a song at Kevin Lyttle’s mother’s funeral! This woman has talent.

Kingsley DeFreitas