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A son’s wish for his father



Editor: My name is Allen McGillivray and I had previously sent a letter into your newspaper in regards to my friend Mathew Llewellyn and his company Buhlers Yachts. I must clarify some points of misunderstanding on my part with regard to Buhlers Yachts and the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.{{more}}

First: I would like to say that I regard myself as a son to Mathew Llewellyn and his family and my intentions were as a son helping his father when he was in trouble (I hope you all realize my intentions were meant to help and that if I offended anyone I truly do apologize). I was inaccurate about a hotel being interested in taking over Buhlers Yachts; it is going to be used as an expansion area for the Coast Guard.

Second: My actions were in no way meant to be political; they were only those of a son’s love for his father. So to the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, I do sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding on my part. I would like the Government to work with my father to resolve any outstanding issues in regards to relocation or a short term extension for Buhlers Yachts to complete their current projects and then close down so my father can retire “as he should be doing”.

In conclusion, I love St. Vincent and always will. I have friends there that I miss and will never forget.

Yours truly,
Allen McGillivray