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Why has George been left out?



Editor: It is without regret or apology that I pen these notes. I am going to say what many us are afraid to say. I honestly believe without a shadow of a doubt that Lyndon George should have been made a senator in the ULP government, and I am sure that neither the NDP nor those in between would disagree with me. I, however, believe that Lyndon George was deliberately left out.{{more}}

This is a man who was there with the ULP from its inception. A man who is well versed in the political affairs of this country, who once held the previously prestigious position of research assistant to the Prime Minister – the first ever of its kind. It is without a shadow of a doubt that I believe that everyone is still questioning the acts of the powers that be.

I am of the firm belief that no other senator appointed since the 2005 election could match his ability and character. This is a man that the nation could count on without fear. The recent spate of appointed senators has left many with open mouths. I write on behalf of the nation. We need to know why has George never been appointed a senator – conflict of interest?

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