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What’s happening in the Ministry of Tourism?



Editor: Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said in the last sitting of Parliament that he was giving Minister Beache notice that he was expecting him to focus on the Ministry of Tourism because of its importance.{{more}}

Sometimes, when the Prime Minister speaks I’m puzzled. Everywhere I go in this country, people ask why I’m always pushing for Minister Baptiste. I will give one reason. Under her tenure as Tourism Minister, Tourism stood out. They asked why she was removed; I tell them ask the Prime Minister.

When I sit and look at our Tourism industry, I often wonder if the Minister Baptiste and the Minister of Tourism Glen Beache get along. When Minister Baptiste was Minister of Tourism, I wondered what kind of relationship she had with the Director of Tourism – Miss Vida Bernard? Is it true that Minister Beache recommended that the Director of Tourism be transferred? I wonder why! Is it because Miss Bernard thinks that Minister Baptiste did so well as Minister of Tourism and is expecting more from Minister Beache, or when she is instructed by Minister Beache, she does not do her work well?

I am impressed by what I’m hearing about Mrs Anesia Richards-Baptiste as Communications Manager. Is that why Minister Beache recommended that she be considered to replace Miss Bernard as Director of Tourism? It’s a good thing Minister Beache has no influence on the Public Service Commission.

I looked at a DVD which will be used to promote St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I am wondering if there was any communication between the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Culture? It is said that Carnival is our biggest festival. I saw a DVD featuring our country and what it has to offer. I did not see anything about our Carnival. It features Blues Fest. I was told that the quality of production by the Ministry of Culture is not so good. Poor excuse! In this computer age, persons complaining about quality; it seems to be something more.

I am wondering what it is! We were promised transparency by this Unity Labour Party (ULP) government and I’m hoping that the Ministry of Tourism would come out and let me know what’s happening. Is there friction between the Minister and his staff? I tried to find out, but nobody at the Ministry of Tourism is answering any question that is posed by me. All they say, watch and you will see. However, it appears that the members of staff at the Ministry of Tourism felt more comfortable with the former Minister. So please, Mr. Prime Minister, pay some attention to what’s happening at the Ministry. If I recommend that Minister Baptiste be reinstated, then the people will say I am biased, but that is the way to go. The staff would thank you, Sir.

Kingsley DeFreitas