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We should value our national treasures



Editor: Last month was National Heroes Month, so consequently there is much discussion about the one and only national hero of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Joseph Chatoyer, and this is as it should be.{{more}}

The role of national heroes in the development of the country is a symbolic one. It is always interesting to listen to discussions about who should be other national heroes or even if there should be national heroes.

The names mentioned are often those with political ties, and these are, indeed, national treasures. We should make sure that we value our national treasures, those who have gone before us and those who are still with us. I think that we have some elders amongst us who are national treasures, and in their nineties. They have, in their own quiet ways, contributed so much to so many in their capacities as teachers and community builders.

I speak of Mrs. Edna Dougan, Mr. Charles Hercules, Mrs. Gwennie Jack, Mrs. Irma Norris, Miss Marie Prince and Mr Egbert Samuel. The nation, in general, and the Ratho-Mill, Calliaqua, Villa areas, in particular, have benefitted tremendously from the kind, unselfish acts of these individuals and others of this ilk.

We value, salute and thank them for their efforts. They are excellent role models and it is important to let them know that we love them and to thank them while they are still with us. Thanks.

Cheryl Phills King