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Trading in illegal drugs ‘right in police’s mouth’



EDITOR: As a pedestrian who uses the Paul’s Avenue area daily, I would like to know what is the purpose of the Police Mobile Unit in this area.

I, like other citizens and residents of this area, am appalled at the bare faced trading and sale of illegal drugs within approximately 60 yards of this unit.{{more}}

Pedestrians passing this area can witness young men, sitting comfortably on their benches, leaning against that house on the corner, container with marijuana, their scissors cutting it up, and then nicely rolling it in the paper ready for instant sale. As we say in local terms “right in the mouth of the police”.

While scanning the area, it was observed that the drugs are hidden across the street in high bushes near a drain. A buyer comes up hands out a $5 bill; the trader goes to the bush, takes out the stock and hands it to the buyer – sale completed successfully “right in the mouth of the police”.

Further inquiries and investigation reveal that the owners and occupants of the two properties immediately on the corner street are subject to constant abuse and find themselves like prisoners since the sides of their homes (including their gate entrances) are literally bombarded by these drugs dealers. The boundary wall of one of these houses is painted with all sorts of obscenities as a means of retaliation.

One Sunday morning on my way home from a hard night’s shift in the company of a work mate, we counted some 14 young men plying their trade. They have no regard for God or man, since they appear to have the freedom to conduct this illicit trade “right in the mouth of the police”

It is a downright shame and disgrace that peace loving and law abiding citizens, pedestrians, including young school children, must be subject to this behaviour.

I also join in condemnation of the Chief Magistrate’s rather vexing and offensive comments a few weeks ago appearing on the front page of the NEWS.

Paul’s Avenue is a clean and quiet area with decent, respectable, God fearing and hard working individuals who at times are stereotyped because of the behaviour of a few worthless thugs.

I am also reliably informed that the police conducted a lock down of the area and destroyed benches and other items as recent as Friday, 14th March, 2008. On passing the area a few days after, I noticed there were brand new benches leaning against that same property, a few young men puffing at a very large marijuana cigarette, with no regard for anyone passing the street. One of them was identified as a national footballer already convicted in the Magistrates Court, another an alleged murderer whose case was squashed at the PI.

This is nothing but a wicked, disrespectful and provoking act, particularly against the owners and occupiers of the two homes on the corner. I honestly sympathize with these people who have to live through this torment of abuse, stifling smoke, loud music and nasty expletives daily.

What then is the use of this Police Unit? Is it to accommodate police officers to sit there in comfort all day and night? Not even to spare a moment to patrol the area and keep these drug dealers on their toes? It is rather ironic that a police MOBILE UNIT is staffed by IMMOBILE police officers who can offer no help to anyone unless they are instructed from their seniors.

We, therefore, call on the Commissioner of Police and his Officers to stop the talk and promises and instead put some positive action in place to fulfill your motto to protect and serve the pedestrians, citizens and residents of this country.

Concerned Pedestrian